Monday, 26 November 2012

Catch Up!!!!!!!

Okayyyy..where have five months gone exactly?! I knew I'd been a little late in posting but seriously?!  I guess my main excuse is summer and moving house - all done now and we're officially heading out of Autumn into Winter here in Italy now.   Once my son started back at scuola I decided that rather than blog about the lack of printing I'd managed to do over Summer, I might as well get on with actually doing some thus creating something to blog about!!

Mainly I've been working on some letters or initials - the idea being they could be used as cards for a birthday or maybe a newborn/Christening/ baby-naming type scenario.  I'd like to experiment making some banners with them too.   They've taken a while to produce; I chose a circus style font as I think it works well from a distance and is neither too feminine nor overtly masculine.

The green stuff I've been carving is called Adigraf and is a super-soft (and pretty tricky) Italian type of "lino" - I use the quotation marks as I don't want to mislead anyone: this stuff will drive you crazy if you expect the same resistance form lino, even compared to Soft-Cut!!  I thought i'd better try and find a local source (as it's illogical to have lino sent half-way across Europe, plus the postage charges from the UK from my previous supplier went up by 100%!!) but I'm not convinced and have had to get guests to bring some Soft-Cut over for me for other printing projects recently: still, it seems to work for this purpose!

I've also opened a little Etsy shop which currently stocks these cards and some Christmas cards too which I will try to blog about soon.  So, in keeping with my new chicken-and.the-egg theory, I'd better get back to work now so I have things to blog about right?!

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